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Dijital Hype connects brands with audiences worldwide through influencer marketing. We design and implement influencer marketing strategies that amplify your brand's message at scale and help you reach a massive audience.

What Is an Influencer Outreach Agency

As an influencer marketing agency, we develop the connection between brands and influencers to create, manage, promote, and optimize influencer marketing campaigns.

We handle campaigns in-depth with customized knowledge and experience for every brand, audience, and industry.

Our Strategy

Today’s digital platforms are loud, crowded spaces populated by countless companies and marketers talking over each other.

Every good influencer marketing initiative begins with a clear game plan. That’s why we only work with businesses we know we can deliver significant ROI for.

Link Building

Influencers provide scalable value by building natural backlinks for your website, which boosts your site ranking significantly.

Link Insertion

Link insertions refer users to any product or service recommendation. This option means customers don’t have to do extra legwork; thus, they can spend more quality time on buying decisions.

At Dijital Hype, we don’t use “click here” as the default link text. We determine where links should go by hyperlinking “anchor texts” (sentences or phrases) naturally.

Influencer Outreach Steps

Ideally, having someone in place for influencer relations would be best. This person connects with the influencer on your behalf and serves as the point of contact for the brand.

Tried and tested influencer outreach agencies like Dijital Hype focus on the following activities:

Set KPIs

Based on your goals and objectives, we help you determine your KPIs (key performance indicators). What do you want to accomplish with the budget dedicated to influencer marketing? Which core markets do you intend to penetrate?  We customize your influencer marketing campaigns to fit your brand vision and mission.

Target Audience

We help you identify your targeted customers regarding gender, age, and market. What are their interests? What social media platforms do they use? 

Our agency will help develop campaigns targeting the right audience.

Influencer and Publisher Identification

Our agency can match your prospective audience with the relevant influencers. In addition, our clients have full access to the market segments they intend to target and determine which are suitable for their influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer and Publisher Outreach

Finding the right influencer is one of the most challenging parts of the job. With so many influencers vying for your sponsorship, various options can seem daunting. But when you finally find the right one, you can engage in an enriching collaboration that can do your brand wonders.

Influencer and Publisher Activation

Suppose you activate influencer partnerships with the right person. In that case, you can establish direct relationships with brands to produce and distribute custom content, not just promote products.

Content Creation

You cannot rely solely on an influencer’s following for an effective influencer campaign. You also need to figure out how to engage your target demographics.  

We can offer you content and concepts to make the influencers' followers engage with you.

Influencer and Publisher Management

Influencer management is essentially collaborating with influencers and running brand campaigns. Contracts are signed, payments made, products shipped, and performance reviewed. 

Influencer management can really require much of your time, so having an influencer marketing agency as a partner definitely has its merits.

Tracking Results

Influencer marketing campaign failures often result from a lack of long-term perspective.

Dijital Hype’s influencer marketing style is research-based and number-centric. We track marketing outcomes, including vanity (reach) metrics, web traffic, brand sentiment, revenue, and customer feedback.

Marketing Campaign ROI Reporting

Excellent influencer marketing campaigns are metrics-driven. 

Dijital Hype doesn’t just randomly choose influencers to partner with your brand. Our team thoroughly identifies and selects the right influencers for your every campaign.

That’s why we monitor campaign performance and report on ROI regularly. 

For instance, we track the “likes” and “shares” received for a post or monitor sales generated by a unique link or code.

We Work With Leading International Brands and Businesses

At Dijital Hype, we collaborate with top-notch brands and businesses worldwide to craft and launch impactful influencer marketing campaigns that connect with our client’s target demographics.

Our specialty is creating influencer marketing tactics that match your business objectives, resulting in custom marketing solutions that stand out.

DijitalHype Is the Expert in Influencer and Publisher Marketing

Dijital Hype is a one-stop-shop, multiservice influencer outreach agency. Our in-house specialists include strategists, developers, influencer project managers, social media experts, and digital marketing analysts to help with branding efforts, from planning to setting up campaigns.

Why Is Influencer and Publisher Marketing Important

Think about how you make your daily choices. What turns your casual online shop browsing into actual product purchases?

When faced with various choices, what leads you to choose one thing over another? More importantly, where do you get these recommendations?

Many things could have affected your decision-making process, but one thing often lies behind it all: influence.
So, for example, you usually buy running shoes you see a sports celebrity wear or choose the brand of sneakers most fit people in your local gym prefer.

Whether you value a celebrity’s or an expert’s pick or trust an experienced community’s opinion, influence has always been at the heart of most of your (and other people’s) buying decisions.

In other words, customers buy products and services recommended by someone they trust. Brand awareness, quality leads, and sales can improve exponentially when endorsed by influencers with published sites and loyal supporters.

Influencer marketing became a thing thanks to the joint efforts of influencers and PR (public relations) agencies to harness the power of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

These days, consumers making buying decisions are increasingly more dependent on their social media feed’s suggestions than traditional advertising or their own research.

In fact, thanks to the widespread use of the internet, smartphones, and rising digital media consumption, influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry.

Have You Done This Before
Yes. With years of industry experience, we’ve developed and nurtured solid relationships with leading content creators and bloggers that influence decisions in their markets.
Do You Want to Augment Your Company’s Existing Campaign?

Even businesses that have seen significant results from their existing campaigns would supplement their marketing efforts with other approaches to gain more brand traction and revenue. Dijital Hype is your go-to agency if you’re looking for ways to incorporate influencer marketing into your existing campaigns effectively.

So what makes our marketing style unique? We don’t rely on guesswork. We believe that data and creativity complement each other. We’re not just after hype-inducing, fashionable influencer marketing campaigns. We ensure that every campaign is compelling, facts-based, and real-world results-oriented.


Dijital Hype is one of the pioneers in the content creation and blogging industries. With our network of well-known content creators and bloggers, we’ve helped launch thousands of successful influencer marketing campaigns in several niches over the last few years.


We deliver success. We track, analyze, and optimize to deliver results with real, measurable impact on your market.


We know influencers. We know which influencers can help you reach your business goals and aspirations and match your brand with the right influencers.

A Strong ROI

Other influencer marketing agencies have no idea how to calculate an influencer marketing campaign's ROI (return on investment). But not Dijital Hype We’ve got technical experts and in-house tools developed over the years of massive investments in various industries.

We’re not here to bedazzle you with spectacular but short-lived viral marketing campaigns. Our end game is to make positive outcomes sustainable for your business.

That’s why we will provide you with analytics, metrics, and extensive reporting regarding every marketing activity we do for you. For example, your primary objective is to drive users to eCommerce and convert site visits to actual sales. In that case, we will track every visit, click, and use of a custom promo code.

In this way, you can have a funnel that showcases how many users we’ve reached, how many we’ve engaged, how many became qualified leads, and, ultimately, how many purchased your product or service.

We Have a Strong Relationship With Content Creators and Bloggers Who Have Sites That Influence Decisions in Their Market
Using our open network, we’ve worked with many top-tier influencers, including content creators and bloggers from various niches.
We Work With Boutique and Large Household Brands

As a boutique agency, Dijital Hype believes no business is too small to brand. And when we
take in clients, we make sure that we forge a business relationship based on trust.

We are trailblazers whose unique and impactful marketing strategies have helped many businesses grow and thrive in this fiercely competitive digital market.

How to Get Started With Influencer & Publisher Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fresh, thrilling, and ever-changing digital landscape. Marketing is evolving rapidly, and you can’t afford to get left behind.

However, don’t buy that influencer marketing tool from some random “guru” just yet. Sure, it’s appealing to self-learn everything and DIY your influencer marketing campaigns, but the competition is unbelievably tough.

Every platform today is chock-full of brands, including big names in your niche, competing for the eyes and ears of distracted consumers.

So, instead of gambling your hard-earned marketing budget on vague marketing strategies you’ve found online, work with real experts to help your brand break through and succeed in today’s marketing environment.

Dijital Hype’s matter-of-fact, outcome-oriented approach can help you leverage the power of influencer marketing to achieve real-world positive results that directly grow your bottom line.

We’re not fans of a “wing it, ‘til you make it” marketing style. Every step — from helping you find a mutually beneficial influencer-sponsor partnership to sustaining your customer base — is measurable and data-informed.

This way, you can get mileage from a decade-worth of hands-on experience rather than run campaigns on mostly untested marketing theories.

Are you ready to rise above the competition and blaze a trail as the digital marketplace leader?

Email us at info@dijitalhype.com

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